Got Jokes?

So when you’re new at anything you tend to watch your competition. See how you stack up. After a few months of the same jokes, you can begin to feel like everybody’s heard them. They’re old. Coming up with new material is a lot of pressure. 

Now I need to say that you can take those thoughts and toss them out the window. Until you are famous, the rule is simply that your act is new. I mean you should always work on new material. And continue to polish the old. But your set will improve by polishing, rehearsing, and getting to know it more and more like it was your reality. 

Then the fun begins. Now you can do act outs, tags, and animate yourself to enhance or emphasize the material. But by all means continue to do your act, improve your act, and expound on it. 

“Im glad to be here with you guys. I did a show at a Homeless Shelter earlier today, talk about an audience that stunk”. I used this line a lot and when I found a way to expound on my bits and jokes, this simple opening line became a 4 minute bit that is still growing today. 

I did my first comedy competition August 14th, 2016. It was with a handful of guys I knew and many others I’d never heard of. But my allotment of 7 minutes made it easy for me to pull out the stops by taking my best lines and stacking them to use to keep the laughs coming. I was familiar with the crowd I was going to be in front of. And I was going for TV clean. TV clean has always been a challenge for me. But sometimes I just slip. But I’m proud to say that I only dropped one F bomb… It was cool because the show was rated R. But I did notice that none of the comics that used a lot of profanity advanced. Yes, I was in the top 4 and was one of the winners that night. 

Keep giving it your best and check out our new Comedy School at Trevi Ristorante in Smyrna DE. It’s on Wednesday nights starting September 7th, 2016. Classes are free but limited. We will be doing a class at 7pm and working out material as part of it. Then you get to practice at our open mic and the best will win spots in our monthly showcase. 

Tell you friends. Bring your funny bone. Hell… Bring your mom. Hope to see you there. 

Al Leskovar Jr. 


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