Tough Love! 

My version of tough love is simply taking joy in being honest. Often times we tuck our feelings away for political correctness or fear of offending someone we claim to care for. If our opinion is from a place of love, then I feel that being afraid to speak for whatever reason states that we love the feeling we get from them more than the joy we get from being honest and genuine with them. We’re afraid to offend, loosen relations, losing benefits, or just loose a closeness we perceive. 

But Tough love is just that honest. It’s putting away our selfish feelings in order to gain a better life. A better understanding. It’s a selfless move in which we fear not the loss of our personal joy reaped from such relations, but seek to improve and strengthen those ties through straight honesty and discussion and understanding. It’s the way we grow and deliver a better world for ourselves and kids. It helps redefine ourselves as well as those who choose to adopt the beliefs of selfless love instead of selfish and often mentally lazy joys. It’s the path to growth. 

It’s also the path to heartbreak. For those who cling to old ways. Once realized, the choices we’ve made and cling to that hold us back often are not easy to let go. It’s change. And for most change is not easy. But nothing truly worthwhile has ever been easy to obtain. Consider the words of others, especially if they hurt… And ask are they coming from a place of love, or is this just meant to tear me down? Will this information benefit me? Forget anything being easy. Go for happiness. Go for the heart. Accomplishments and great relations come from struggle and perseverance… Luck comes all day but good luck comes more often if you’re putting yourself in front of it. Hard work and discipline are the keys to finding it. Because laziness and complacency often lead to unhappiness. If you master these things and find yourself growing spread the love. But that too leads to heartbreak. People may often disappoint you… Not everyone can live well and enjoy their days. Some are even happy being in the middle of drama and strife… And that’s heartbreak for you if come to love and care for them. 

Tough love is a choice. But first love yourself. Mentally, spiritually, physically,  emotionally, and financially. We’re all just animals trying to live well and enjoy life. Somewhere along the way, some of us chose the wrong path. To lead others into the light is tough. Knowing who and when to follow another allows us to grow and become closer to true happiness and living a better life. 

If someone wants to jump off of a bridge. Talk them down. But don’t hold their hand as they jump. It’s not your fault they leaped. But learn in this lesson, to be cautious who you cling to. The rules you make to protect yourself are yours for a reason. And only God will send challengers to prod at those rules. They are always for your strength and growth. But not always worthy of your time. Same rules apply. When you see your rules prodded by love, that’s God. If people around you are being just mean and hateful, they’re working for the other guy! 

Peace and love… 

Al Leskovar Jr. 


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