Comedy Grind!

So I’ve been told that I need to do open mics… I need to do every stage I can get on. I need to only do the best shows. I should be a clean comic. I need more dirty jokes. They expected me to cuss more. They shuddered when I slipped and used the FWord. The next guy behind me told them to loosen the fuck up and used the word 4 times a minute with gusts up to eight… 

The fact is that every room… Every crowd… And every comic is different and unique… Every night. So it’s a lot like establishing, cultivating, and maintaining a relationship. Except it’s a deep close and personal relationship, that lasts about an hour or so… 

I’m doing a great show August 14th, 2016!at the Aloft Hotel in Mt Laurel NJ. It is my first competition. It’s called the LOL Comedy Showcase. Best part is ITS A FREE SHOW!!! Ten great comics and three judges! 

So come on out and support our show and Honest Al! 

Al Leskovar Jr. 


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