Exes And Hoes

By Al Leskovar Jr. 

“I found me a girl and she melts in my hands. She couldn’t fry chicken, all she made was ham.  Wo Hoe…  So I let her go… ”

These lines are from my first song parody. As a 44 year old entering the dating world, I figured it would be easy for a good woman to recognize my 26 year previous marriage and 20 some year long career as a solid foundation and maybe I’d get some legit candidates for a life partner. But in today’s world, I was shocked to be the booty call… I was surprised by the attitudes and lies many women (men do it too!) told themselves that keep them from  being their best and finding the best mate for themselves. You can’t be a jerk and a player and expect a great guy to see you as anything else. You can’t be one kind of person and then change when you meet a great match. 
Click here to see a clip of me performing “Exe’s and Hoes” at the New York Comedy Club! 

In other news… Here’s an invite to the August Show/Contest at the ALOFT HOTEL in Mt. Laurel NJ. 


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