Judge Yourself!

The last 5 or 6 years have been tough on me. Comedy has been my balance. My safe place. A refuge. And while I’ve met a few pompous assholes who need a slap in the face, I’ve made some of my closest friends and met the most interesting and unique group of people. Comics are a rare breed. And comedy has been a life saving stress reliever! 

I’ve gone broke trying to make others happy. I’m done with that! I’m doing this for me. And it seems to be making others happy too. Not just people in general but my friends see my joy and they find joy in that. Sadly my comedy reflects reality in many ways, but I’m making light of, and having fun with all the things that could otherwise make someone want to kill themselves or others. It’s my balance. 

I’m serious as anyone could be business wise. And very immature and silly… When it comes to other things… Come and say hello and let’s take a selfie! 

So if you, ain’t coming, to my show… Then you can go and love yourself… ​


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