Squig Sighting At Woodland Beach! 

Squig Sighting and DELAWARE Bay shark alert. Squig has been busy chasing down the shark that ate his ego two years ago this week. In a moment of justification, he poses here with a 6 foot sturgeon that was bit in half by the same said shark. 

Honest Al Debuts at the New York Comedy Club! 

Squig has never stopped in his quest to get his ego back, even when his friends and family warned him about the dangers of shady sharks and how he would most likely never find the shark. Squig told them he loved them and that one day he would return with his ego and they all would see. Then he waived goodbye and packed up his shit and moved out to Woodland Beach! 

Looking to buy a NEW HOME IN DELAWARE? 

I caught up with Squig at his North Woodland Estste. “This is where the battle ground is. One day while minding my own business… A shark asked me if I wanted some fresh taint sauce he made… And because the shark had made too much, he was going to give me a two for one deal. So I got into the van with him… Next thing I know I woke up as the waves began to hit me with the incoming tide. I was on a beach somewhere that smelled like swamp ass in July and the flys where bunched up on my sore butthole and taint. It seemed my ego was torn away and I haven’t seen it since! I didn’t know where I was but I noticed a sticker on the van as I approached it. It said Woodland Beach. And since I discovered I was at Woodland Beach and the have a ramp that drives right into the bay… I figured this must be where the shark drove his van into the water. He can swim fast and drive underwater… But he can’t hide from old Squig forever… ” 

Squig Eats Cat Food! 

“This find gives me hope”, said Squig. “I’m hoping to return to Smyrna soon with Shark steaks and Busch Beer for all my friends and fans… And for those that don’t believe… Shady sharks cannot be trusted! Protect yourself and your children. We must protect the children. I hunt this beast for them.” 

I’ll try my best to keep up with Squig. Until next time… Be careful out there and don’t talk to shady sharks… 

Al Leskovar Jr. 



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