Sheltering Kids? Don’t Make Em’ Learn The Hard Way… 

I talk to my son about everything. I feel it’s important. And when an awkward subject comes up, my kid sees my awkwardness. He senses it. Then he pounces and has to have answers… 

My awkwardness is quickly relieved knowing  that once I begin explaining in graphic detail… That it will shift to him. 

Questions regarding sex, masturbation, and other stupid things people do are great opportunities to expose them to  the truth and idiocies that we all fall into sometimes. And the lesson may be enough to keep them from doing anything to get in trouble. Like masturbating at recess or during the pep rally… Yea it was a problem I’m hoping he won’t have to deal with… 

Some people learn the hard way…

Honest Al 

Caution- Coaching teens on inappropriate subjects is best when you’re not drinking and the kids are actually yours. Consulting random minors on such matters in the park or church parking lot may be hazardous to your health. 

Call me for your next comedy roast or fundraiser. 302/423/0276


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