A Chicken In Every Pott… 

In case you didn’t know, bird is the word. Yes once again its International Respect For Chickens Day. No shit! I, like most observers of this fine traditional holiday, started off the day by going out at midnight and sneaking onto chicken farms and opening the barn doors and setting all the chickens loose… 

Why is this day not celebrated more? Turkeys get all the attention on thanksgiving… And they’re no where near as delicious… I believe it’s because that women hate to fry chicken. It was a big deal in my search for a soul mate. I had to find a classy dame that has old school cooking down… We celebrate Respect For Chickens Day twice a week. 

But make no mistake, chickens are great companions. They eat annoying bugs and insects, and are easily tame enough to hand feed. But caution when choosing the fancy colored roosters. Roosters can get aggressive. One time my friend got his eye pecked out and now when he hears a rooster crow he jumps up and starts running around in clockwise circles cause he’s only got one eye… Sad!

Please check with your local town ordinance when considering a coop or even one as an indoor pet. You may be required to take classes and get licensed. If your bird makes too much noise or becomes aggressive you can send it to (FCOC) The Flightless Cock Obedience Center closest to you. 

Transporting chickens is also highly regulated. Make sure you get an open metal cage and strap it to the outside of your car. According to Perdue this airs out your chicken and to the bird its like a day at the spa. 

Don’t forget when your bird dies you have about 15 minutes to pluck and gut it before bacteria begins to spoil your delicious pet. Chickens are food so don’t feel bad about recouping your investment and honoring the life of your pet by having it for dinner one last time. 

So yea, chickens are cute pets you get as cute baby chicks during Easter. They provide months and sometimes years of fun and enjoyment for kids. Then later become great baby sitters! And ultimately celebrated directly on the dinner table! No better way to make them a true part of your family and celebrate their life if you ask me. 

Pound for pound… Dollar for dollar… Chickens are hard to beat… And if they make too much sound and your neighbors hollar… Invite them over and eat! 

Bird is the word… 

Book Al for your Comedy Event, Corporate Function, or Fundraiser! 



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