Bill Clinton Was The First… 

Happy Prime Rib Day! 

A couple years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Clinton. I’ve always admired him as a speaker. I was in DC the weekend he was discovered to be fooling around with Lewinsky, cigars, and the ability to keep secrets in an Oval Office. 

The talk and buzz about his activities was obvious and blatant. But a few years later I met him at a political event in New York! “We all make mistakes”, he said. “But how we bounce back says a lot about who we are”, he told me. It was great to have a few words with him. He told me something I didn’t realize… Did you know Bill Clinton was the ONLY US president to come between two Bushes? It’s obvious now that you think of it. 

Well last week I bumped into him and I could not believe he remembered me. He even remembered our talk. I about spit my Manishevitz all over him when he said that when Jeb Bush dropped out, it took away Obamas chance at doing the same thing. Now Bill says he can rest easy knowing that the slower and more dull bush, Jeb had dropped out of the race, that Obama will not be able to steal his glory of being the only US President that came between two Bushes… 

For your comedy and public speaking needs, think Al Leskovar Jr. I also do Barmitzvas and Chucky Cheese Birthday appearances… Always Appropriate! Always Honest! 



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