Wise And Immature! A Story Of Grey Hair and Zits… 

I was always a slow learner. But once I get it, I get it! I also try to understand how we got there. History is important. This slow absorption and pondering of information creates questions and answers that turn the wheels of my mind. And pioneer new ideas and the progress of the future.

Comedy gives me the excuse and reason to not hold my childish remarks back and to say inappropriate things at inappropriate times. But then people think I’m the court jester. A fool to speak and say such nonsense of insignificant and often outrageous subjects… The sacrifice of being me is to allow those who get to meet me think I’m just a fun and silly guy. Someone who’s got a laugh for all occasions and who’ll take you to humorous places beyond all expectation. These zits are a representation of my immaturity and childish side. But there’s another side… 

I’m a very serious business person who takes his Sales and Comedy business as no joke. As a matter of fact, I challenge you to find someone more serious. The fact that I cut up and make jokes for a living doesn’t make me the act you see on stage. It takes a serious mind to prepare and perform at this level. Dealing with other people’s multi million dollar properties and problems, as I do in my Real Estate Business, you gotta have your serious business side together. You can tell by my haircut and it’s real official when I’m sporting a tie! 

I look at it this way… If all else fails, two more zits and I can get my job back at McDonalds. I’ll wow em’ at the drive through. And while I fight these zits I do not fight my youthful, playful, immature side. I’m holding onto that forever. I will fight to stay in business for my family and away from having “a real job”, and not being able to be in control of my time. I’ll fight to work everyday towards designing my life the way I want, instead of having to work for a living! And I’ll fight for laughs for the most toughest audiences with my immature quit witted random nipple jokes

If you want me to work at your office or drive thru for a day, it would be fun and a great promo for your business on my DVD!  I want to distribute it this summer worldwide. Then you can personally get to know me and my serious side… (I promise not to be too serious until payday). Give me a shout and let’s have some Fun! 

Al Leskovar Jr.


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