Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson! 

Little Known Facts… 
Did you know that Thomas Jefferson was the great great great Grandfather of Dry Cleaner Fame George Jefferson? Bet you didn’t. They had a show about him in the 80’s. It was a hit… George would’ve hated knowing the fact that a “Honkey”, was part of who he was… 

Thomas Jefferson started the original Jefferson Airplane. Except back then it was called Jefferson Magic Carpet… 

Contact Al Leskovar Jr. 

 Thomas Jefferson was a great leader in the Hospitality Industry. He started the Speak Easy and Brothel at the Jefferson House known today as “The Jefferson”. You can still get full service with the secret slogan, “YOU CAN TELL 5 PEOPLE ABOUT FOULMOUTHAL.COM BY FRIDAY, RIGHT?”. That slogan gets you discounts and secret ILLUMINATI privileges all over DC, Philly, NY, and LA! 

So while you’re in the area don’t forget to see a great comedy show. And ask around for Honest Al AKA Al Leslovar Jr! 

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