Funny Things Are Everywhere…

As the days roll by I find material everywhere I go. In most things I do. And in the people I meet. I take notes. Sometimes three funny things will happen and before I get my notes out, one of them is forgotten. I often will be driven crazy over it… then a week or ten days later I’ll remember, or my girl will call, very excited because she remembered… 

I need a new website! 

Like last night we were washing dishes… Yea. And uh… She was saying how if I scrub it gentler but faster, it would achieve cleanliness faster… And uh… Wouldn’t you know it… She was right. We were both enthralled in excitement as we exclaimed our joy for the clean dishes in unison… I said with this kinda communication life will be easy… And she said “easy button”! And I was like yes, the joke from last week we forgot was about how this guy knew his girl so well, getting her to orgasm was as easy as hitting the staples easy button… Or something like that… 

I’m a clean comic…

Anyhow, I’m entertaining agents, managers, and opportunities. With all the work I’ve put in it should be easy to get work. Easy to find an agent. And easy to find success in comedy, writing for late night tv, Saturday Night Live, or somewhere around professionals of the highest caliber. Easy as pressing the Staples easy button… 

To book me or discuss directing my career give me a call. 302/423/0276

Al Leskovar


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