Put The “Pro” In Progress! 

Last night at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, The packed house of the Blue Velvet Lounge was in Stitches with Great Comics like Al Caz, Scott Friedman, Matt Bridgestone, and several others! 

I had so much fun on that stage and for the first time I went up with a minimal plan and basic strategy of, “BE FUNNY, LET THEM LAUGH”! I have more material than I need for a 10-12 minutes spot. So I just had a few bits I wanted to cover… But the bachelor party at the back of the room caught my attention immediately. They took me off my path, and into a bit I wrote for a specific show and hadn’t done since. Luckily it went over like a Led Zepplin! And for the first time in my comedy career, I had to stop myself to let the laughter roll on… Which was great cause I was trying to figure out how to get back to my regularly scheduled program. 

After 2 years and a lot of hard work with no pay, I’m privileged and blessed to be sharing the stage with the best up and coming writers and comics. I’m also blessed to be performing at some of the greatest venues for comedy on the East Coast. 

Practice makes permanent. And if you practice properly you will do it properly. If people are trying to direct you and you know they are pro’s, listen and learn what you can. If you’re not getting feedback, ask for criticism and critiques. Take it all in with a smile. And tweak yourself. Changing small things to find what works for you is something that takes time and only you know the comfort you’re seeking on stage. And that too can change. It’s all a part of being open, understanding, focused, and disciplined as to the direction you’re headed. You have to move mountains of dirt and rubble to find gold… And make real PROGRESS! 

Honest Al 

Call me to book your comedy fund raiser, roast, or Pin Up Contest! 



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