False Evidence Appearing Real! 

Welcome to another edition of all jokes aside… I’ve no clue were I’m going with this, but I do have a point to get to… so read on! 

One of my favorite things is overcoming obstacles. Many obstacles give us a bad feeling. We don’t want to go there. Often we are stimulated… Motivated… Inspired and activated by these feelings to take actions of avoidance as not to fall into a trap or lose the farm. 

Other times we see things we want in life. The good things. We are very much in desire of and have a passion to get there. We would love to participate and would feel bad if we missed out! Often we are stimulated… Motivated… Inspired and activated by these feelings to find a way no matter what… To overcome the obstacles that stand between us and our goals. 

Our minds balance between managing our enthusiasm between the two, is our fight or flight instinct. A reaction or response dependent upon the perception of the stimuli. 

In my head, both are the same. But one gives a different result than the other. Suffering can wear you down. But it can also make you stronger. Smiling… And while suffering isn’t about celebrating your pain, you smile because you truly understand and appreciate the benefit. And looking for good things and identifying your own obstacles to suffer through is better than jumping through hoops and over the bones thrown to you by others. Often times you’re smarter than the guy you work for in Walmart or Corporate America. And he don’t wanna get replaced. So your disposable. 

I appreciate the breaks I get now and those who afford them to me! There’s always someone to serve and a time to be served. And lessons along the way from all angles. But the simple secret question is, “Is this good or bad? Loving or hateful? For progress or vengeance…”. We all make mistakes and we only lose if we learn nothing. 

~Win some learn some! – Jason Miraz

Hopefully these blogs will give you some thoughts of your own, some laughs, and improve your day! 

Honest Al 

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