Glad I Didn’t Say It’s, “On FLEEK”!

The older we get the more we lose touch with the youth, the new, the “hot”. I mean as life’s priorities fall in place there is only so much time in a day. And if I had more time there’s only so much room in my brain. And if there was more time in the day and room in my brain there’s only so many shits I have to give and I’m into too much deep shit already. 

Glad I didn’t say it was, “On FLEEK”! My energy has people thinking I’m on crack as it is… And while I’m too old to be trying new drugs, learning the lingo is important for every comic and parent alike! Kids I’m only gonna say this once. Drugs are bad. Comedy is good! 

Click here to Stay on FLEEK but off Drugs!

So I sell Real Estate and perform as a Speaker and Stand Up Comedian. All the other things I have going are dwindling down not because I care less (or give less shits), but because I want to focus my energy and be as effective as possible. The rest of my time goes to my Family. I’m a very blessed and lucky man. 

Occasionally my 12 year old will help me get up to date with some of the terms/slang/cool talk of the times… I’m trying to stay young! Keep in touch with the now generation! And make fun of my own ignorance of the terms of the day…

I sent out a recent message to only my closest friends through inbox on Facebook.  The girls got a message stating-“Please bring the boys to the yard for my show April 2nd! Please please please! 

Ladies Click Here and please bring the boys to this yard!

“Bringing boys to the yard” simply means that your blessed with the ability to surround yourself with others… And I need your help attracting people so I asked some friends to bring them, “to the yard” at my show April 2nd 2016 at the Taj Mahal! 

These are some of the responses from those who had less of a clue than I about the reference… 



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