Weird Is Not The New! Weird Was The Old Ways… Top Ten List!

Things always change! In fact the only thing that stays the same is that, things will always change! They always have. And always will… 

Why? Because:

  1. Cooking with fire is better than eating raw meat. 
  2. Living in an insulated house is better than a cold cave with no crapper or ventilation!
  3. Flying is better on an airplane than a pterodactyl! 
  4. Beef is better than brontosaurus! 
  5. Loving is better than hating! 
  6. Learning is better than ignorance.
  7. Baby elephants never were good vacuum cleaners
  8. We’re smart enough to figure out a better way! 
  9. Clothes that fit better often are more functional than draping a bear carcus over unshowered self! 
  10. Marijuana won’t turn men into sex crazed, weed fiending, murderous, muggers with man boobs. 

Why are people offended by cuss words? Stay tuned… 


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