Relationships Create Partnerships! Not Happiness…

I’m glad to say I have a girlfriend whom I believe is a great mother and woman whom I plan to be with for the rest of my life. So that makes her my “Milforato Permanante” (I’m coining the phrase… I’m sure it’ll catch on). A woman I carefully chose and am proud that she chose me. I choose her everyday above all others! 

I feel so connected with her because our goals are similar, our passions are fierce, and our balance is that we hold each other up in times of doubt! 

But seriously a relationship is work and it’s not easy. But it’s a whole lot easier than being in the dating pool!  But if you’re in this pool… Know that you’ll have to open many rotten clams and oysters… And you may find yourself with the crabs when looking for pearls and treasure… But there is gold out there. There’s also A200! Don’t settle…

I have learned that happiness in ones self is the most important element. Then you can share that with another happy person. 

You should ask yourself these questions and consider your answers with much weight… 

  1. After any given interaction with your partner are you charged up and happy, drained, or neutral? 
  2. Do you believe that you can count on your partner 100% to do what’s right by you while you’re not around? 
  3. Is your partner someone you are proud to defend the honor of, when the situation arises? 
  4. Do you get the attention, affection, and love from your partner that satisfies your needs? 
  5. Are you happily reciprocating number 4? 

These are just some basic things that have been obvious to me for quite a while. And while I am Divorced, I had a 26 year run with a great person. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. I can only speak for myself but I grew tremendously! And looking back, even though we both grew through our love and commitment to each other, I see where our sacrifices for love, had hindered our personal growth in other ways.

The birth of our son, now took priority even over my own desires, and created a set of reasons that became the drive to be my best. And while this resolve in me went in one direction, the same resolve in my partner took another. 

Today we’re both on a path for our personal best. And I feel that is the best example we can set for our son. 

But find happiness in yourself. And very importantly know what the things are that take you to those goals and be well aware of the things that will destroy them. Seek the attitudes and people who are choosing similar paths. They can propel you and your dreams and happiness as well as enlighten you to how much of a help and encouragement you can be to others. We all have something that others seek. Go share it with those who care and need it! And use the things you know that will keep you from being your best as your deal breakers. It’s easy to walk away, even when your heart is involved if your head can rationalize true happiness and not just emotional satisfaction. 


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