If more law abiding people shot criminals, there would be less criminals! 

So someone breaks into your house. Shoots you. Kills your father. Then on the way out they drop a gun and you get it. They run out. You follow them and see them… and fearing they’re going to either kill you or get away you fire and kill one of them. Should you go to jail? 

Acting out in that moment it’s hard to say what would play out with different people but that’s what happened to Jacob Leager. After his father was murdered he pursued the killers. Caught up with their get away car and fired to stop the car. Or maybe he was afraid someone was going to shoot… Or maybe he was delirious from loss of blood, in shock from being shot, and furious over watching his father murdered just minutes before? Either way, he was afraid for his life, and in a fit of temporary insanity, while he was doing no more than what any police officer would have done… In some cases with less cause. 

If more people shot criminals, there would be less Criminals! This kids a hero! If he goes to jail that woman’s death says criminals have rights defended over law abiding people! And that’s bullshit!  Let’s send a different message! 
If you care to read more info it’s also at the link below. But please sign the petition to spare this young mans life.  

Sign The Petition!


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