The comedy of life’s stage…

Irony and mishaps often lead to laughs. But our ability to make light of these things delivers sanity to us and relieves the tension we sense. Other times it makes us look like inconsiderate assholes without any compassion. In that situation the real question is… Was it too soon? Or were the other parties too involved in the tension. As comics we take things seriously but often say or act things out that state otherwise. 

I’ve often been told that people cannot tell when I’m being serious sometimes… I’m always being serious. Sometimes I’m serious about the situation directly. And can be quite effective in times of stress or crisis. Other times I’m serious about keeping a calm head when things aren’t as bad as they seem. And sometimes the two situations get mixed up…

I made a statement once at a funeral. The widow said she was glad to see me as she hadn’t seen me in quite a few while. And out of my mouth comes, “yes I’m still quite alive”! It wasn’t anything I wanted to or meant to say. But just came out. I felt bad but what can I do now. I meant nothing by it and luckily she knew that as well. 

So be gentle in judgement. For the thoughts passing from your mind may just be anger initiated by other sources. Projecting them towards someone makes them your actions and words. And reflects the source… It’s ok if others choose to be assholes. It’s our choice to react or respond with love or hate. 

My intent is never hate, and so I bacame a Comedian. Or as many call it, a licensed asshole. 


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